Mardi is French Day

Alice is at her favourite class after school today – French. She’s been going now for over a year and when asked why it is her favourite class she replies “..because we get Smarties”. Or should that be Les Smarties?

I’m not exactly sure how much French she learns but she does a lot of colouring in. She does count to ten now and manages a rather Del-Boy version of “Bonjour” and “Merci”. I think I do believe that the “teaching a second language at her age is the best time as they are like little sponges” PR is true – and my parents now also live in France (in fact my Mum is known as Grandmere) so I guess it does make sense.   I also read it’s supposed to help with her Maths?  Or maybe that is playing the piano?!

If I’m honest it’s also handy having an extra hour to work on a Tuesday as school pick up comes round so quickly.  See already talking about work!


2 Responses to “Mardi is French Day”

  1. Ann Williams-Maughan Says:

    My DD also went to French lessons, again on Tuesdays. We used lots of things like flashcards and games but her favourite was I range I now sell at Education Takeaway. Check it out as it’s got £6.00 off at the moments.

    • swilloughby Says:

      Thanks Ann, you are right. My Mum (aka Grandmere!) has also sent Alice some French French books for very young children and other things like a letter from Pere Noel that was in a local magazine.

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