Thinking Day

Alice has gone to school in her Rainbows Uniform because it’s Rainbows Thinking Day – she’s almost as excited by this as she is at Christmas! She also has a special group meeting tonight with Brownies and a Thinking Day on Saturday.

I should really know what Thinking Day is all about shouldn’t I – I will google it in a minute unless anyone can tell me? I like the sound of it though as I don’t do much “thinking” mainly “doing” in my normal mad frenzy of running the business and family things.

I really like Alice going to Rainbows as I didn’t do an organised group like that when I was young. She always bounds out with tales of singing, making and what biscuit she had! My husband was a Scout leader in his 20s so is very much into the practical side of the uniformed groups like make a fire using a leaf and a pebble. I think it will help Alice socially and help non-academic learning – and have lots of fun! We’re lucky in the UK to have such a diverse range of these sorts of uniformed groups starting from 5 years and all run by volunteers making it very good value for us parents too. They always have waiting lists which I think says it all!


2 Responses to “Thinking Day”

  1. Alison Bayne Says:

    Rainbows sounds lovely and positive for girls, and it’s great that so many adults are prepared to give up their time voluntarily as leaders. Social and non-academic learning is so vital, yet under-rated.
    I am hoping to send my DD along when she is a little older as the local group finishes at 7.00 (normally that’s bed-time story time).

    • swilloughby Says:

      Yes this is one downside I find too. Alice has tea stupidly early before hand and then another snack when she gets in just before bed. Brownies finishes at 7 (like you story time!) so we have that to look forward too!

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