Coming home

Well, I had a lovely few days away last week. I had one wobble when driving out on Sunday and had this massive urge to go back home, most odd, but I resisted and made it to the spa.

Completely chilled out (well apart from checking work emails regularly but it would be crazy to not do that!) and thoroughly spoiled. I spoke to Alice every day (she’s sounding so grown up on the phone) and my documented plan of the week’s activities seems to have worked and Alice got to French, Karate and Rainbows with no glitches and she did all her homework. More importantly got to school dressed with hair brushed!

Of course I had to buy her a present and I think that the spa has cottoned on to this as the gift shop has a whole section of presents for children. So am not the only one with Mummy-guilt for being away!

It was lovely to get home to my mini welcoming commitee – hubbie, Alice and dogs. But I really must have been chilled as I flung back into the normality – I don’t think I have felt that before as much. Of course a gazillion busines things to sort out but it was more than that, the normal everyday planning that goes on in my head. Have I got everything for Alice school bag, do we have food in the house, when will I walk the dogs, have I paid the credit cards etc etc. All the normal stuff that most people deal with and I really had switched off from it all.

Anyway everything back to normal and brain re-booted to deal with it. But roll on next year!


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