A family walk

Every weekend (unless pouring) we go for a walk together, that’s me, husband, Alice, Bo (bouncy 7 month lab-x) and Buddy (old cocker spaniel). Since the weather has been getting better we’ve been going further afield although with mixed success. It goes without saying that every walk involves me nagging Alice to hurry up and her moaning that she is tired, her feet hurt, she is thirsty, she is hot… Is this just us or does a “lovely family walk in the country” turn into this nag-fest for everyone? We cope with a mix of dragging, pushing and bribery! The latest things is having to go for a wee. Obviously Alice goes before we leave the house and then 10 mins into the walk she wants to go and then spends 5 mins trying to coax a dribble out behind a tree! We also have the added challenge of navigating footpaths with the local OS map. Today was very sucessful on that front with a brilliant walk through wide pathed woods, by two fords, swing bridge, canal and castle that was all done in a nice circle over about 2 hours. Last week not so good involving being mugged by shire horses, going the wrong way through a farm and having to come back, heaving two dogs over (not under) several fences and the worst thing have to back track rather than complete a loop. Although we did see a herd of about 30 deer run across a field in front of us which was a lovely sight. But this hasn’t tempted us to to cop out by using a sat nav – yet!

All that said, I really enjoy them and the nagging, squatting and mugging gets forgotten as we limp, happily home. Am sure we will have many more “interesting” walks over the coming months!


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4 Responses to “A family walk”

  1. Alisn Bayne Says:

    You totally aren’t alone in this but I think there’s karma at work here – at least there is for me!

    I was just the same when I was a kid: walks were “boring”, there was “nothing to see”, the countryside was “rubbish” etc. We did get dragged out for a breath of fresh air on a regular basis whatever the weather (our family was virutally sponsored by Peter Storm) and we did live in the countryside already.

    As a result, I moved to a town when I got married and vowed to try and keep walks interesting and meaningful – I actually like suburban walking just as much – people are much more interesting than cows!

  2. 5kidswdisabilities Says:

    Family walks are great. I might suggest letting Alice use a stroller to make it more fun. (Or, one of those bikes that have a handle you push.) My husband, myself and the dog would walk pushing the strollers. If the kids wanted to get in them, they did. If they wanted to walk, they did. No fuss. We also would chose something to collect as we walked along, usually it was flowers. (Although I had to teach the kids not to pick flowers that were growing in people’s yards. I’ve found that neighbors don’t appreciate people picking through their flowers!!!)
    Lindsey Petersen

    • swilloughby Says:

      Thanks very much for your comments. Alice is a bit big for a pushchair now though when she was very little we did have one of those cool back packs for her. Alice is quite used to walking as we walk a good half miile to school. I like your idea of collecting things and we did try collecting nuts believe it or not. I think this will be easier when different things to collect when Spring has sprung properly and also there are more things to see such as birds and wildlife – we did meet ducks and swans yesterday!

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