Day out for ALL the family

My Mum and step-dad have been over from France this week so we planned a trip to the Hawk Conservancy near Andover on Saturday as a surprise and my little brother (who is now over 6ft and nearly 30!) and his fiancee were going to meet us there.  It was somewhere central to all our locations, appealed to all ages (5 to nearly 75!) and we knew what to expect.  All sorted! 

Of course the british weather had other ideas and the one day of the week that was rainy and windy was Saturday.  Not the best day for sitting out watching bird displays.  So where to go with 7 people that was largely indoors and would be interesting for all of us – it’s  a tricky one and I’m sure we’re not unique in wanting this sort of day out.  What do other people do in their area? 

My husband had a brain wave and after a bit of research we headed off to the Watercress Line steam railway that runs from Alton to Alresford.  And what a great day we all had!  We boarded the steam train at Alton and chuffed the 35 minutes to Alresford stopped twice at other stations.  The trains were beautiful as were the stations.  We had little cardboard tickets (even I remember these from getting the train to school) and the conductors were in full uniform.  I actually commuted to London in the 90s on slam door trains so again rather familar – the years of my life I spent in steamed up carriages just like we did yesterday!  At Alresford we had a short walk to the Bell hotel and had a long and delicious lunch before heading back on a disel train.   We even saw the “real” Thomas The Tank engine having a sleep in a siding – I kid you not!  

So a great day and highly recommended for all the family, especially on a rainy day in March.


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