Nasty Nits

OK so this is not something I would shout across the playground but we had some unwanted little visitors yesterday if you know what I mean. No matter what anyone says there is still a stigma about the little blighters. This is our 3rd visit from them since Alice started school. The first time I was standing in Calais about to board an overnight train across France – a great time to realise that you had some extra passengers! I still don’t know what the french for head lice is!

But the reality is that every child will get them (probably more than once) and every parent will be mortified. I’ve tried some different stuff this time and gone for the death by hair straighener approach as well. I have the hairdressers this week so also have taken precautionary measures. At least the hair dye will kill any that might have survived!


One Response to “Nasty Nits”

  1. LisaTalkingTots Says:

    I know … it’s awful isn’t it? We’ve been free for a few years now (shouldn’t have said that!). Death by hair straighteners sounds good to me!

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