Cbeebies Groupie

I think I might now officially be a Cbeebies Groupie! 6 years ago I’d never watched Cbeebies, would have no idea who the stars were and still though of children’s TV in terms of Bagpuss and Fingerbobs!

Nowadays things are very different. Alice still loves Cbeebies and has watched it from about the age of 1 when she was scared of parts of Razzledazzle! Now I can tell you most of the programmes and characters, not that I sit and watch it but it somehow seeps in. I know there is the “children must not watch TV before they are 12” brigade but my approach is some is ok and as part of a balanced approach to Alice’s time. I also think Cbeebies must rate highly on the “safe” scale with no adverts and lots of educational programmes.

Of course now I’m rubbing shoulders with the stars of Cbeebies and almost wet myself when Mister Maker emailed me! What will I be like when I meet him and share a stage with him at our What’s On 4 Awards ceremony on 27th June in Brighton?! I’m reliably informed Phil Gallagher who plays Mister Maker is very good looking in real life

I was also surprisingly blown away interviewing Julianna who play Stephanie in LazyTown. I was dissappointed that I’d been let down by Sportacus and had to settle for Stephanie but actually she was lovely to talk with and I was still slightly star struck.

So yes I’m becoming a bit of a Cbeebies groupie – or is that just becoming sad and middle-aged? I’ll be reading Twilight books next, oh too late!


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