School Holidays – Hell or Heaven

It’s that time of the year again, school holidays. I look forward to them on one hand but hate them on the other.

I love the lazy mornings but I hate the lack of structure to our days.

I love arranging lots of fun things to do with Alice but hate that I can’t keep on top of my work.

I love not having school uniform to keep clean but I hate it when I realise Alice has grown out of all but one pair of jeans.

I love that we have no homework that needs doing (apart from one small bit for the whole holidays) but I hate that dispite all my efforts Alice still runs out of things to do.

 I love taking Alice and the dogs for a walk but hate that we have to find time to do this in the day as it’s not part of the scheduled school run.

I think I over-think this, school holidays exist so I should make the best of it! Paultons Park here we come and my Operations Manual will just have to wait!



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