School Uniforms

We’ve just moved into school summer dresses and it made me think of how many different combinations of uniform Alice has compared to her chum Max. Max has trousers, polo shirt and a sweater. Alice has trousers, polo shirt, sweater, cardigan, pinafore dress, zip up dress, pleated shirt, A line shirt and summer zip up dress. And that’s before we get on to ankle socks, knee high socks and tights (in blue, brown, black and cream!). I know that this is just an extension of girls clothes versus boys clothes really but sometimes it would be a lot simplier if she had one set of school uniform. Of course I am the one that bought the wide range of different items so I only have myself to blame but there is no equiverlant for boys at all. I’ve also realised that Alice’s school summer dresses are all too short even the aged 7 one is above the knee and she is not even 6 yet. How did that happen?! Don’t get me started on clothes sizes!!


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  1. Coralie Ruggles Says:

    polo shirts are very casual and stylish indeed, most of the time i use polo shirts -:*

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