The Scoot to School

Alice has been scootering to school for about two weeks now and loves it. I have to say that Mummy wasn’t quite so keen but I’m actually quite liking it now!

I wasn’t keen because the rattle of a metal scooter is a sound that you dread on the school run. Something that no one tell you about! You hear the rattle and then you’re just waiting for your ankles to be sliced into! I was also concerned about the safety aspects as we walk about half the journey along a busy 30mph road. So for the first year of school no skooter was allowed with the excuse that she wouldn’t keep going on the whole way and Mummy would have to carry the scooter as well as the bag, water bottle, gym kit and control the dog….

However Alice was so keen to scoot to school she’s been building up her stamina this Spring on our weekend walks around the village. I said when she could scoot the whole circuit around the village without wingeing then she could scoot to school. After a couple of weekends this was achieved.

So my next excuse was that we needed to get a lock for the scooter when it was in the scooter rack. That took another week to sort out but I was running out of excuses!

I had to go for it and allow her to do it. And it’s been really quite ok! For a start Alice has a Mini Micro so there is no metal rattling noise to endure, the Mini Micro is also really stable having 3 wheels (2 at front) and a really nifty steering system so I’m not too worried that she’s going to fall off or veer into the road as much. I also think it’s helped her confidence and independence. She’s enjoyed the freedom to scoot a little way a head of me and the trust that I’ve shown in her by letting her do this. She has the responsibility of locking it up and remembering the padlock code too. I’ve ensured that she doesn’t scoot right up behind people even without the metal rattle this is not allowed.

Big bonus for me is that I get to walk at a normal pace and not at 5 year old speed! And without the usual need for nagging to hurry up!

Alice has now really grown out of the Mini Micro so I have a new Maxi Micro coming and I’ll post an update with how the transistion from Mini to Maxi goes. I’ve gone for the T-Bar handle as this is what she’s used to. Has any one tried the stick handle that is an option?

**Update** The Maxi Micro has arrived and WOW!! Alice is going to love it so much!  Already Daddy has put it together so I can take it for the school pick up.  It quite different to the Mini in the styling and feels much sturdier.  The basic design is the same with the two wheels at the front and one at the back, the same steering system and break at the back.  The handle bar is now adjustable (very easily) and it just looks … well a lot cooler!  I also have one of the new Mico Scooter bags that have just been launched and these fit to the front of the scooter on a slot system.  Of course the bag is pink and has handles so looks like a handbag when not on the scooter!  I think I’m actually a little bit overexcited by this!!  I will post Alice’s reaction later…

Oh yes and before I forget, we’ve been give a new orange Maxi Scooter to give away this month so you too can try scooting to school! Just go to the competition pages on any of our sites to enter, it should be online in June.


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