Kids and Computers

Alice is an absolute whizz on the computer.  I remember at about the age of 3 she sussed using the touch pad on my new laptop faster that I did!  (I still prefer a good old fashioned mouse!).  Of course Alice sees both Mummy and Daddy regularly on the computer/laptop (for work…mostly!) so is going to see them as something she just should use. 

We let her play Cbeebies games online – and try to stop her getting on the CBBC games!  I’ve never really played games online that much.  I did a few on Facebook and several of my friends do that Farmville game – I avoid this one in particular as I know I will become addicted and never do any work!  Even the cute Andrex Puppy is in on this.   I was trying their Pup-O-Matic game this week and found myself pulling the handle loads of times – simple but addictive (and winning a prize is an added incentive!)

Of course Alice does ICT at school and had done since starting.  It’s part of the curriculum as it should be, as long as the 3 Rs aren’t forgotten. has a fab competition on at the moment for a school to win £500 worth of animation software and a unique workshop from the creators who will then turn the children’s animations in a DVD movie!  Such a brilliant prize for any school!  Take a look here

IT will be a massive part of our children’s lives, we can’t do anything about this one.  I treat the computer a bit like TV, everything in moderation.  The main problem is just whether I can keep up with her!


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