Real life is better than TV!

Phil Gallagher from Cbeebies Mister Maker and Alice

 I’ve just about recovered from a long weekend working extremely hard to prepare and deliver the What’s On 4 2010 Awards Ceremony.

I hadn’t antcipated how much physical work was needed and the emotional stress involved.

But I’ve now caught up on a lot of sleep and can say it was worth it!

Firstly, I’m moved to tears by the hardwork and support of my team, family and friends.  Robin, Zena, Mel, Marilyn, Joe, Dru, Simon, Suzanne, Sheryl and even Alice – all worked so hard to make it happen.  Even Alice was making goody bags!

Next I spent a lot of time in the presence of a guy called Phil Gallagher who you will know better from Cbeebies Mister Maker!  As well as being the nicest person you could hope to meet, Phil worked 7 hours with little break and in the baking heat to meet hundreds of children.  He has an amazing way with kids, getting on their level and bringing the shyest of children out of their shells.  He chatted, signed autographs and posed for photos – every time with the same interest and attention as the last.  He made my little girl’s day, month and year  – she is completely in love with him (so might Mummy be a tiny bit!)

And the third highlight for me is the reaction of our winners! We had whoops, crys of ‘yes’ and thunderous applause!  And a few tears too! 

We faced a few large challenges on the day but already these are fading and the highlights that I’ve told you about above are shining through!

Here’s to our What’s On 4 2011 awards!


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