The most important meal of the day

We’ve fallen into a Breakfast rut.  Alice has two slices of seedy bread with marmite (spread ‘gently’!) followed by fruit. I’m not sure when cereals stopped featuring but they don’t any more.

So in an attempt to get some variety back in our breakfasts I’ve been decluttering the cereal cupboard. We had 20 different types in there! I was shocked, all opened, some nearly full, and one or two past their best before (blush).

So with that decluttering done it was back to what cereal to try to get Alice back into them? Any ideas? The choice for children seems to be at the ‘bad’ end of the scale. Chocolate, foam pieces, toffee pieces, nut clusters – all featuring quite heavily, not in the same cereal but almost!

Alice was weaned onto the classic Weetabix so I have just got some new Weetabix chocolate cereal to try at the weekend – ok yes so it is chocolate but Weetabix is one of the good ones isn’t it? But I’m still really struggling as to what is a good cereal that she will eat for school days i.e. not as a weekend treat.  Maybe toast isn’t that bad after all….


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