Bye Bye Cbeebies :(

Alice has enjoyed Cbeebies since she was a baby.   I remember her first watching Razzledazzle and being quite worried when the little creature goes down the long slide!  We’ve got to know and love many of the characters of the past 6 years.   We were lucky enough to meet the charming Phil Gallagher from Mister Maker when he presented our What’s On 4 2010 awards in June – he made such a fuss of Alice, she was completely in love with him.  We’re also off to see Mr Tumble in panto this year.  Of course if you mention Cbeebies characters to people who don’t have children or have older children you might as well be talking a foreign language as they have no idea who they are. 

Alice now watches some CBBC programmes and for her TV hour she usually has to check both channels before choosing, often a CBBC show.  I think officially CBeebies goes up to 7 years old and this change made me quite sad.  Cbeebies came into our life when she did and has been part of it for 6 years but now that is changing.  A whole new selection of shows and characters on CBBC are now becoming part of her life.

Although excessive TV is frowned upon I think we have such fond memories of TV from our own childhoods that it is an important part of growing up.   I wonder what TV characters Alice will be discussing fondly with her 20-something chums in 2030??  Actually that is such a bizarre though, let’s not think about it!


4 Responses to “Bye Bye Cbeebies :(”

  1. Louise Gibbs Says:

    I am already dreading the day Isabella will want to move on from Cbeebies, I completely agree about it bring a part of our lives! We are going to see Justin in panto this year too!!

  2. Claire Bennett Says:

    I think that the quality of programming for the preschool age group is actually of a very high standard. No wonder that Alice enjoyed it so much:) Our own children (aged 14, 14, 11, 9) still remember their favourite characters. Doesn’t time fly by so quickly though!

    Have you watched Horrible Histories yet? It’s aimed at slightly older children but remains a firm favourite in our house. One of the few children’s show that I can sit down and watch.

    Good luck Alice!

    • swilloughby Says:

      Hi Claire! Alice is not quite into Horrible Histories yet but it won’t be long. Our god daughter is mad about them – we had to get her the PC game for Christmas! I’ll probably be thinking the same about CBBC when ALice is 12! x

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