Summoned to see the Headmistress!

Yikes! I thought when Alice told me this over breakfast this morning!  Turns out she has been asked to talk to the headmistress about how the school can be improved along with a couple of her class mates.  So in the space of 10 seconds I went from freaking out that Alice was in big trouble to being very proud!  I then realised that she’d probably been picked because she talks a lot, her new year 2 teachers says this is great which is nice as her year 1 teacher didn’t seem to get it. 

I asked Alice what she was going to suggest to the headteacher.  And she told me that more children need to be put on the smiley board so that the teachers didn’t shout so much.  Which makes a lot of sense although may need to be developed a little further eh! 

Can you have imagined this happening when you were at school?!  Children of this age certainly wouldn’t have been asked to make suggestions.  Certainly progress I feel.

I’d like to help Alice but I actually think the school is very good particularly in looking after the children’s well-being. 

Any great ideas that your children’s primary school does that could be benefit to other schools?  Love to hear your suggestions 🙂 Thanks x


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