Very Christmassy!

Not even sure this is a word!  But I look out of my office/spare room window and I’m greeted by a festive scene of snow on everything, like most of the UK it’s been like this for weeks!  Of course as the big day draws closer it certainly looks the part although am not sure the massive disruption, cancelled meeting, parties and trips have been worth it.  Funny how not that many years ago we would have loved a white Christmas just like the the Wham! video! 

Alice of course now thinks it always snows at Christmas as this year and last year we’ve had snow. 

The other thing this year has been the full week build up to the big day.  As school were out last Friday I’ve felt like we’ve been on a slow burn to Christmas.  It’s been a good thing I think.  Less busy in the shops because everyone has had a week to get all the food and last minute presents sorted.  Although I’m not going into town today, I expect it will still be loony Christmas Eve!  Alice has loved it.  I think she’s more excited this year than ever, counting the sleeps, marking the time on her Hello Kitty advent calendar and singing Christmas songs as loud as possible.

So I wish you a very happy Christmas time with our families and friends and a fabulous 2011.   I’m very much looking forward to 2011.  2010 was great for us here at What’s On 4 and 2011 sees us go International!!  Check out – just shows you that dreams can come true!


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