Back blogging

Me and AliceI’m delighted to be back blogging and this time for mumandworking!  Firstly a huge thank you to Helen Pritchard for all her blogging for us 🙂

mumandworking is the bed rock of why I set up What’s On 4, flexible work.  My employer wasn’t interested after I had my baby so it was up to me.  That was over 5 years a go and since then I’ve met many mums and dads that have found themselves in the same position.  I chose the route of setting up my own business but there are lots of others if your current employer is not playing ball: party plan, franchise, flexible hours to name a few.

So by using mumandworking I hope I have helped and will help many parents find that right balance of work and family life as we have advice from real parents that have done it, our careers advisor and business advisor.

As What’s On 4 is built on flexible working (I work at home, about 24 hours a week, largely school hours) I want my whole team to have this too so we have sales positions that are all at home and flexible hours and now I can offer the same as a business both in the UK with the What’s On 4 Me franchises and also internationally.

So I’ll be blogging about the highs and lows of working flexible, part-time hours, as a business owner, Mum and woman.

Oh and one last plug!  The mumandworking 2011 awards start on 15th May so if you already have found that flexible job either as an employee, self-employed, business owner, franchisor or franchisee then you must tell us about it!


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2 Responses to “Back blogging”

  1. suz Says:

    lovely blog – lots to think about!

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