Not that flexible really

I want to set the record straight here.  I do have a job.  I work very hard.  I do work part time hours and I do other stuff sometimes that isn’t work during the day.  

Because I have set hours I work on a typical week almost every hour is allocated to a regular meeting or regular job.   So actually I’m not that flexible to last minute changes and you will find it almost impossible to get hold of me by phone unless we arrange the call in advance!

What I have is the flexibility to set up my week how I want to.  Then on it’s set in stone!  I have to be this hyper-organised so that I make the most of every hour and can do the other non-work things I want to.  Every week for me is like ground hog day!  Obviously events crop up that mean a reshuffle.  A few weeks ago I had 3 days in a row at events all over the place and whilst these days out were exciting I certainly appreciated getting back to my routine.

So I’m afraid if you’re looking for spontaneous then you’ve come to the wrong place and I think that flexible working does require a lot of planning but it’s certainly worth it!



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