A little bit of politics…

When I started my business 5 1/2 years ago the term ‘mumpreneur’ hadn’t been invented and the support for mums in business was in it’s infancy.  So I had to get a long without it.  During that time I’ve seen the rise of the mumpreneur and I’ve loved being part of it too. 

I’m now even more part of it as What’s On 4 is a co-organiser of the BusinessMums Summit on 10th October in Brighton.  I’m looking forward to another inspiring and buzzing event like last year and a tiny bit thrilled to be meeting Kate Garraway the keynote speaker.  Best know for ITV’s Daybreak, I didn’t know that Kate is also an Internet entrepreneur just like me!  Just take a look at how she is using her celeb status to get mumpreneurs taken seriously in the House of Commons!  How cool is that!

Of course there are some people that hate the term ‘mumpreneur’.  I say who cares what the label is, if it helps more mums start and grow their businesses call us what you like!

Flexible working is what it’s all about and that why so many woman start their businesses when they become Mums.  I would never have given up my career on a whim, I needed something big to make me take the leap, and it didn’t get much bigger than becoming a Mum.

And on that note, we’re mid-nominations in the mumandworking 2011 awards to celebrate flexible working for everyone so if you’ve found a great flexible job, started a business to give you that flexible career or you’re a company that prides itself on the flexiblility you offer your employees then why not get recognised for it – plus  great prizes including some fabulous weekends away, just ask Claire O’Connor of BabyBallet who won a weekend at the fabulous Ragdale Hall Thermal Spa last year!  Enter at www.mumandworking.co.uk/awards


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