Lucky Me!

Zena, Mel, Me and Suz at the What's On 4 Junior Awards 2011

I’m in a reflective mood and have been thinking about the amazing people I’m lucky enough to work with and without whom I would not have an amazing job, business or life.  So in no particular order…

Zena – who has worked with me for over 4 1/2 years!  I remember when she started as I couldn’t train her properly as I’d just had my tonsils out!  Then and now I can rely on Zena completely to just get on with it and make it happen.  Zena now runs my UK websites day to day and I couldn’t have grown What’s On 4 without her.

Mel – has worked with me for atleast 2 years – possibly longer!  Like Zena, Mel started out as one of our sales team and we soon made her a permanent member of the team looking after our key accounts.  Mel is always there ready to roll up her sleeves to tackle any task and she’s been invaluable support at our live events.

Suzanne – is a lady that has been in my life for 3 years as we’ve worked together at various times and it was very quickly a relationship where we just ‘clicked’ with they same sense of humour and approach to business.  So much so that Suz is now my business partner and fellow director at What’s On 4, a very easy decision to make for both of us I think and 6 months on it just gets better!  We’ve laughed so much together, and cried a bit too!

Marilyn – my lovely friend in the North!  Again a lady I clicked with very quickly when she joined What’s On 4 as the Master Franchisor for  I look forward to our meetings and have been inspired by her business acumen liberally balanced with an enormous sense of fun!  And such a lovely hubbie too who within minutes of meeting me was putting up banners and setting out tables and chairs!

Elise – aside from being completely gorgeous, is our Australian franchisee has taken What’s On 4 into Australia so successfully in such a short time.  She’s a pleasure to work with and I’m often a little overwhelmed by what she is achieving out there.  Just shows that being genuinely passionate, happy and considerate does make a good business!

I really have struck it lucky so many times as you can see.  Thank you all ladies!

So if you work with or for an amazing person why not nominate them in the 2011 awards?  If I was allowed I’d nominate everyone above but apparently this wouldn’t be fair – pah!  Check out


3 Responses to “Lucky Me!”

  1. Marilyn Bradshaw Says:

    Sam what a wonderful blog post! Thank you for taking the time to do that….personally from me as I’m part of your post…because your lovely comments have perfectly rounded off what has been a mad and ‘good’ busy week!

    Sometimes after a busy time we all often feel “that there’s no thanks!”, so you know what….I’m going to take 5 minutes now and reflect too – and I’m going to nominate some special people in the Mumandworking Awards and make someone else’s day, just like you’ve done for me 🙂

    PS – by the way, you’re not too bad to work with either ;))) x

  2. suz Says:

    what a lovely blog – i do feel truely blessed with our team and so happy to working with such an amazing business superstar!

  3. Elise Easdown Says:

    Well I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in blog! 🙂

    It is wonderful that you can acknowledge working women no matter what size or form their business is through the mum and working

    Thank you for the kind words – you are truly inspirational.

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