Perks of the job

I think I might win the prize for the job with the best perks in the UK!  By perks I mean little extras that I get because of my job that I would never get otherwise.   And most of my team get in on these perks too!  Let me know if you think yours are better!

Celebs…so far I’ve met Sarah Beeny, Phil Gallagher from Cbeebies Mister Maker and Annabel Karmel.  Phil (aka Mister Maker) probably is the best solely because he made Alice’s year!  We can’t wait to see him again at the BabyExpo baby show in Brighton on 13th November so if you have a little one that is also a Mister Maker fan then they certainly won’t be dissappointed, Phil is amazing with the children.  And I’ll be meeting Kate Garraway from ITV’s Daybreak at the BusinessMums Summit in October!

Media Career… ok slight exageration but I have done an awful lot of radio interviews and been featured in the national press including being on the front of the Times!  This is my one achievement that I’ll be telling my grandchildren about although who knows if they’ll understand the concept of newspapers in 30 years time!

Freebies…we get given a lot of freebies to try out, Alice has done particularly well out of this one, everything from walking boots, kids camera to a few tons of snacks!  Worst freebie?  Michael Ball CD! Nowadays our Mums’ Network do most of the reviews so this is something you can get a slice of yourself!

On Stage…we’ve won 6 awards so I’ve been the one to go up on stage to loud music and huge applause to receive the awards.  It’s nerve wreaking but such a buzz!   I’ve also been speaking to large audiences at different events, terrifying but such a buzz – once you’ve finished!!

Would I have done any of this if I’d still been a project manager – nope!  So although I set up What’s On 4 with the main objective to have a job that fitted around Alice it’s turned out to give me a whole lot more that I couldn’t have predicted in a million years!


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