How important is flexible working to you?

For me flexible working is the single  reason I set up my business and why I continue to run my business.  I couldn’t imagine my life if I had a tradional 9-5, or 8-8 as often my job was.  I know that flexible working is as important to other parents.  We did a survey a few years a go and it was more important to most parents than money, career progression and security.  Not exactly surprising results but have other parents achieved this too?

I know my route was establishing a business which is not always an option to everyone.  I’ve also been lucky enough to create flexible employment for other parents.  I want other companies that have done this and received the benefits to be recognised as trailblazers. I  really do see flexible working as the norm for our children when they reach adulthood.  Often flexible working is a priority because of family but more and more it’s because people want to pursue other interests or study.

This is why I established the mumandworking awards 2 years ago and this is your chance to get in on them to shout about how good you have it and encourage other companies to ‘really’ embrace flexible working!

So if you’re one of the parents who have shown your company that flexible working works for everybody then please nominate yourself and your company before 5pm on Friday (15th July) as nominations close then.  We have some amazing prizes too – as well as the glory!


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