Autumn feeling

I’m not sure if it’s technically autumn yet although has felt like it most of August!  Autumn is my fave season for many reasons:

– Back to school
– Winter boots and leggings with sloppy jumpers
– Crisp, bright mornings
– Open fires

Also it’s our busiest time of year at What’s On 4 and when a lot of the projects we’ve been working on come to their finale. 

It’s busy because of the start of the new school year with parents looking for new activities for their babies and toddlers and new groups for their older children over on and  Lots of new classes and activities do start in September with teachers starting new types of groups or expanding into new areas.  I love the fact that parents don’t have to hunt around for activities as we a great bit of kit that just sends them emails of new listings in their area saving them time!

Because of the new school year also goes crazy!  I think a lot of parents whose children are starting school for the first time suddenly find they have quite a few more hours in the day but they still need a flexible job or business so they can still do the school runs and be there during school holidays.  Thankfully there are so many choices now and I hope we will again match many hundreds of parents up with their perfect flexible job this autumn.

And this autumn I have some amazing days out coming up all in the name of What’s On 4 but I’d be part of them anyway!  Firstly the BusinessMums Summit in Brighton on October 10th means I get to meet a lot of old and new friends plus meet and listen to some powerful speakers.  Last year I came away buzzing and with even more energy to see What’s On 4 grow as I know hundreds of other mums in business did.  It really is one not to miss.

Anyone who knows me will we be sick of me talking about meeting Phil Gallagher from Cbeebies Mister Maker again at the Brighton Baby Expo on Nov 13th!  I met him last year and he’s such a lovely guy, amazing with all the children that love his show and my little girl too.  He even sent her a get well message from his BBC tour in Asia this week.   We’re also launching the What’s On 4 2012 Junior Awards at the show and have a special mumandworking flexible working zone to showcase some of the best flexible working options plus give lots of support and advice as well.  There’s so much more on the day – a wonderful place for all parents-to-be and new parents and families to visit. 

So it’s going to be an exciting, busy and fun autumn for all of us at What’s On 4 but I will also be enjoying plenty of walks on those bright mornings and relaxing in front of a nice log fire or two as well!


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