Flexibility when it really matters

I had 3 weeks off this summer – 2 weeks were a planned holiday but the extra week was because my little girl had to have her tonsils out.  I know a standard op but the thoughts that go through your head when you know that the most precious thing in the world to you is going under the knife…

But I’m especially thankful that I have such a flexible job when something like this crops up.  Taking that extra week to be there for her and in the days afterwards wasn’t even anywhere on my list of worries or things to sort out.  I can imagine if I had a ‘normal’ job that it would be near the top.  Of course a lot of employers are sympathetic and accommodating when children aren’t well but it’s still something that is an extra worry and an arrangement to make. 

I hope my team also know that it should never be a worry for them if they have similar circumstances.  

So Alice is absolutely fine and hopefully back at school in the next day or so.  I’m glad it’s all over!  Thanks to all our lovely friends and family for their messages and cards too x



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