We are human

In case you hadn’t spotted it I have a fantastic team here at What’s On 4.  It’s a small team and we’ve worked together for years experiencing a lot as the company has grown and changed.  I count them as my friends. 

I ask a lot of them and they always amaze me how they attack each new challenge and project with such

Me and some of my fantastic team

enthusiasm and good humour.

I really couldn’t do it without them.

So when my team get abuse on the phone and by email it makes me so angry, I feel so protective over them.  It happens surprisingly often.  There are degrees of the abuse from short abrupt emails to out right rudeness and even swearing down the phone.  Of course we all have bad days but there really is no excuse to treat anyone like that.  We do our best to sort problems and if we’ve made a mistake we correct it and compensate for it.

I also experienced this sort of abuse recently on a Google Group when trying to get action on an issue important to me (nothing to do with work). 

It’s easy to say ‘don’t take it personally’ and ‘rise above it’ but we are human, and we do what we do because we believe in it and care about what we do.


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