Do you really believe?

I was introduced to The Secret by my coach about 20 months. The principles (translated by me!) are that positive thoughts attract positive things and to get what you want you have to really believe in it and the universe will deliver it. You don’t need to worry about the ‘how’ but you must REALLY REALLY believe.

 This sounds quite simple when you first hear it but  really believing is REALLY hard.

First lots of little niggling doubts creep in: ‘You’re asking for too much’ ; ‘It will go wrong’ ; ‘This is stupid and won’t work’!  I’ve found it takes practise to quieten these little voices asking these annoying questions but it can be done.

Secondly you have to take practical steps to demonstrate your belief.  So if you want to see your turnover increase to £1 million then put that in your cashflow, increasing each month or write yourself a massive dividend cheque and start looking at holiday or car brochures if that’s what you would spend it on.

I’m not into mumbo-jumbo at all – and maybe the idea came for me at a time when I needed something to pin my dreams on – but I’ve tried to apply The Secret techniques to my business and, although I don’t know how it works, I do believe it does.  I believe it works because I’ve franchised my business in the UK and Internationally, I’ve a fab business partner and our company bank balance is happier than it’s ever been.

However, I often find myself failing to apply the principles of The Secret when something rubbish happens or I fail to put enough effort into it.  The voices ask the questions louder and the doubts and negative thoughts creep in.  

But I now find it easier to pull myself up again, once I’ve consciously registered it has happened, and get back to my positive thoughts. 
So why not give it a go?  It may also work for you…


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