Inspiration, action and awards

A very fuzzy photo - am sure pro ones will do her justice!

I ache all over and I’m exhausted! I haven’t taken up cage fighting but I have been part of the team organising the BusinessMums Summit and mumandworking 2011 awards ceremony that took place yesterday in Brighton.

The day was amazing and could have gone better. There was such a positive vibe that didn’t let up at all.

Personally I was inspired by the speakers particularly Laura Tenison MBE of Jojo Maman Bebe, Kate Garraway of ITV’s Daybreak and now her own business aswell as the ladies behind Yummy Lollies.

I am also taking action, as was stressed throughout the event, and have a couple of things in hand.

And I must not forget our mumandworking awards and the very worthy finalists and winners.

The BBC South East news programme featured the event last night and ITV Meridian will be as well!

Very much worth all the hard work!


2 Responses to “Inspiration, action and awards”

  1. Janet Madden Says:

    It’s great to see women doing well in business, there are lots of opportunities now for Mums (and Dads) to get into business for themselves, particularly through franchising.

    When I started Seriously FUN Swimming Schools back in 1990 it was a very lonely process, now our Franchisees have the support and benefit of being part of a network.

    Events like this are great for encouraging and recognising women who become financially independent by running their own business.

    • swilloughby Says:

      Thanks Janet. Even in the 6 years I’ve been running the business the boom in support and networking has been massive. So much more advice, info and people leading the way that gives everyone just starting out such inspiration!

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