Nice work

I’ve just come back from meeting our US master franchisor in Arizona. It was a great trip and well worth the jet lag! One big difference in culture is how nice everyone else. Obviously I am telling you this based on a week in a suburb of Phoenix and I’m sure that other parts of the US are very different but I’ve decided that it’s worth talking about because it really works. Everyone was nice, nice people greet you in the shops, sales assistants offer you help, nice waiters who can’t do enough for you, nice hotel staff are always smiling, nice cab drivers don’t moan about the weather but ask if we eat trumpets in the UK and even a nice check in desk person at the airport. Everyone seems so chilled, not rushing about and I didn’t hear one cross voice the whole time.

Yes, it’s all quite sugary and I’m sure they can’t all mean it but it’s quite infectious. You get completely swept along with it. I found myself cheerily joining in to reply ‘I’m good and how are you’ with a big smile on my face. I get home to the UK and the difference is stark and I’m back to my normal self going about my business, polite but not that cheery and sometimes a bit grumpy. I found that I started worrying about small stuff again, I hadn’t even noticed that I had stopped this when I was in the US. I’m now thinking that maybe us Brits do deserve our reputation of being whingey? Though I blame the weather for this mostly.

So I decided to conduct a little experiment by going about my day to day life the American way. Every shop I’m ‘Hello, how are you’ + huge smile and it was … well frankly exhausting but such a positive experience too. I had little chats with every one, a joke with the man in m&s, discussion about karate with the lady in Tesco, the assistant in Monsoon complemented me on my nails and I found out she rides a horse! Granted I wasn’t in a rush because all this took time although I think worth the effort, and I didn’t have time to worry about the little things that had bothered me in the morning!

I also wonder what the recipients of my chirpiness thought? I expect it was that I was drunk, insane or lonely – or all 3!

Anyway I’m going to try and keep it up as I like the ‘nice’ me so if you see me grinning insanely you’ll know why.

You have a great day now!


One Response to “Nice work”

  1. Sammie Says:

    I totally agree with you. I travelled and ended up living abroad in a few different countries and found the ‘nicer, calmer, happier’ me as the people I came across were..nicer, calmer and happier!
    Not sure why us British seem to be less ‘unsociable’ then other countries. Since I had the same experience as you I do tend to put on that smile and make sure I do try and make my ‘happiness’ rub off onto others. I normally always get a positive response and just wish we all could be a little more ‘open to be more polite and happy!!

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