School Demands

Last Thursday, there was a letter sent home from school say that it would be shut on Tuesday as the electricity may be off in the area whilst maintenance was performed.  Whilst I don’t argue that the school should be shut in these circumstances, what I resent hugely is the 2 working days notice of this closure.  In fact, I’ve been ranting to anyone who will listen about it!  I cannot believe that the electricity company gave the school just a few days notice.  Even if the school were investigating whether the school had to be closed they should have warned parents that a closure might be necessary.

Actually, I can cope with this amount of notice as I have a flexible job and understanding colleagues that will work around this with me.  But what about all the parents who don’t have this?  I have a huge bee in my bonnet generally that school seems to think that all parents have no other commitments and can action requests by school at a moments notice.  Of course they don’t think this but they do act a lot of the time like they do.

Schools need to realise that most parents work and they cannot produce a fancy dress costume on Friday if asked on Monday!  They cannot attend an essential meeting with a week’s notice.  And whilst I’m in rant mode they also need to realise that most people struggle to get home from work before 6 and scheduling two school performances in the same week makes it very tricky to attend both.

As I said, I don’t have a problem with any of these requests, but I’m very aware of my parallel life where I went back to work rather than setting up my own business where I can working part time and flexibily – in that life that Sam is struggling with these demands big time as many parents do.



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