Life Begins…

Last month I celebrated the big 4-0! I was swept along on a whirlwind of surprises, presents, outings and a lot of fun with family and friends. I’m a very lucky girl!

I did get me thinking that if life really begins at 40 then I’m not sure I can keep up. You see my 30s have been an amazing decade for me so it would be quite hard to beat!

It started with the arrival of my daughter who is now 8 and of course the most precious thing in the world to me but even more so because it was the massive change she brought to my life that led to the start of What’s On 4 nearly 7 years ago.  I shan’t repeat the whole story here but you can listen to it on the mumandworking home page as I did an interview recently with our new Career Coach.

As well as What’s On 4 I found myself in my 30s:  I found the job I loved, found out much more about what makes me tick with the help of my business coach and found out I liked exercise!  Yes, I’m addicted to Body Combat and Zumba that have helped me lose weight but even more importantly I’m fitter now that I was in my 20s.  And all these things have created a much more confident and happier Sam Willoughby.

I’m far from perfect and there is a lot more I want to achieve all round in my 40s.  I certainly believe that it doesn’t matter what age you are if you want to make changes to your life.  I’m very pleased I’m entering my 40s as the person I am today, certainly a good place for my life to begin!


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