The sun always shines on TV

I’ve recently tested a new feature on our websites to include video on the activity listings.  This has been about 5 years in the making.

I originally wanted to do it back in 2007 but after doing some research we were advised against because of putting videos of children online and the risks that this would bring. This was pre the massive phenomenon that is YouTube when video and TV online was the exception rather than the rule.  Nowadays video and TV online is common place so we now have videos in our listings. 

Of course all our advertiser must ensure they have permission for the video and we check all of them before they can be seen by the public – just like we do all text and still images. 

Video is a fantastic way for our advertisers to showcase their classes.  A short video can capture the content and atmosphere of a class that no amount of words and images can.  I’m really pleased we’ve finally been able to give this option to our advertisers and visitors.

My point here is how quickly attitude and tolerances change and how we must keep up personally and professionally with changes.  Whilst it can be harder for us ‘oldies’ (I’m 40 now!) to adapt to new ways of interacting it’s important to keep up and understand why things like twitter, facebook, YouTube, pinterest, to name a few, are such a part of people’s daily lives.  It doesn’t mean that traditional ways of doing things are wrong but there is always room for new ideas and improvement.  Image

When I set up What’s On 4 at the beginning of 2006 I would never have expected us to have 30,000 Twitter followers (Twitter hadn’t even been invented!) but if you’d said that we’d be sending 140 character messages to parents I’d have thought you were mad.  (Did I mention Alan Davies replied to one of my tweets last week!)

It’s slightly crazy to think about what the next 5 years will bring but I’d like to think that me and What’s On 4 are at least ready to give it a try and then make it part of our business if it’s the right thing to do!

But let’s not forget the good old days – check out our off shoot facebook page When we were little ones!

And if you’d like to see video in action here’s a couple of nice example of it in action!,_Judo,_The_Lowry,_Salford_Activities_for_Adult_Education_and_Study,_Business_Services_&_Activities,_Days_Out,_Socialising_and_Networking,_Special_Interest_Societies




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