Fancy a change?

I’ve just implemented a massive change in What’s On 4 that’s taken over a year to make happen.  All my working life has been about change as I was in IT then project management before setting up What’s On 4.  Nothing has stayed the same for very long.  I like change and I’m used to it but even I find it tough at times.  It’s hard to bid farewell to what you know even if you are excited about what’s coming up!

This time of year is all about change I find.  Little things like putting the Christmas decorations up, more social events, travelling to see family and friends, having a break from work, eating different things, drinking different things!!  Of course, things do have to do back to normal in January so it’s only a temporary change.

More permanent changes can be harder to adapt to but we do.And we forget what it was like before a big change.  The transistion can be tough though and quite stressful so here are my ‘dealing with change’ tips if you’ve experiencing one at the moment

1) Make sure people know that you are going through a change.  So if it’s a change at work let your family know, and vice versa.  Talk to someone about how you feel about the change.
2) Believe you can make the change.  Think of other big changes that you have successfully lived through, you did it then so you can do it now
3) Don’t expect yourself to just cope immediately.  Take things slowly if you can, find time to do things you enjoy and take a break from the ‘change’ if you can
4) Think of all the positive aspects of the change and focus on these rather than the glitches that might be causing you problem at the moment.  Imagine yourself once you’ve worked through the change and how life will be then.

5) And don’t forget that you’re probably not alone! Others will be affected by the same change so do all you can to pull together and help each other.


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