Everybody wants flexible working

This morning I’m being interviewed by Moneywise magazine (www.moneywise.co.uk) about flexible working and my story in wanting it – and achieving it.

Flexible working is something I think pretty much everyone wants but it becomes more of a need when you have other things going on in your life that require a dedication of quality time.  Most commonly this is having a family but there are other reasons too such as caring for relatives.  Sometimes it’s because you need to balance your own life better, an event such as a death or illness can open your eyes to the need to enjoy the life you have more fully.

For me it was having a baby they meant I needed a flexible way of working but where I could still use all my skills and experience plus learn some new stuff too.  But during that process I’ve retrospectively realised that I also needed to spend some more time for me making my quality of life better.  Because of the flexibilty of What’s On 4 I now take 3-4 Body Combat or Zumba classes a week so I’m much fitter and healthier than I ever was, my weight is down, my confidence is up and stress is managable.  This all means I perform better in my job too so wins all round!

Only now looking back do I realise how unhealthy I was when I worked full time, thank goodness I took action when I did, I think I would be on the road to some very nasty illnesses if I hadn’t.

Whatever your want, need or motivation is for flexible working I am proof it is possible and worth it.  I’m very happy I found it and even happier that with What’s On 4 I can help other people find it too.


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