The future’s so bright I’ve gotta wear shades

Title of a 80s hit by Timbuk 3 – I’m sure you know the song maybe not the group, though I did find out on wikipedia that they supposedly have never licensed the song for advertising and even turned down nearly $1million from AT&T!

Anyway, I reminded of the title of the song a) because it’s actually sunny at the moment and b) because I had to get myself back on track with positive thinking about the future.

Keeping optimistic about the future is tough because we don’t know what it holds.  It’s all to often easier to stay nice and comfy dwelling on things of the past because it’s a known quantity. 

What I love about the future is it can become anything, no one know what opportunity or challenge is coming.  This of course is quite scary.  Despite being a very down to earth person I do believe in the power of positive thinking mainly because it make me feel positive in myself and keeps me ploughing on through any hurdles.  Yes, I have negative days still, but it doesn’t last that long any more and I can mentally pull myself back to a positive way of thinking.

I’d highly recommend giving it a go, takes some practice and effort but is well worth it so persevere if it doesn’t quite fall into place to start with.  The Secret is the best known technique but there are plenty of variations on this.

I must now go and dust off my sunglasses, it’s getting quite bright out there now!


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