Harder than it looks

Don’t let anyone try and tell you that running your own business is easy, it’s a lot harder than it looks. There are many times, many days when it gets really tough. If you know someone who owns their own business they probably don’t tell you about the nightmare that is cashflow, credit control, employee recruitment and retention, dealing with the official paperwork and the evenings, weekends and holidays they are working to keep on top of everything. They probably just tell you the highs, that new contract, new product launch or big PR scoop. I know I do!

I love this cartoon because it’s so true! Although you can equally replace the word Success with Failure!


You might therefore ask why anyone bothers to have their own business if it’s that hard. What it does give you is your fate in your own hands, you make the decisions and you make things happen. You’re also building something and making a dream a reality. And for me I get to work when I want to.

The trick is have strategies to get through the hard times. I absolutely rely on the support of all these people…my business coach, my business partner, my team, network of other business owners and my family and friends. I share with all these people parts of the whole experience of running my business and get back from them understanding, opinion and shared experiences that enable me to face what is going on. So thanks to all the people that help me get through the squiggles!

But ultimately it comes down to being a person that can push through the tough stuff and bask in the good stuff because it’s the good stuff that makes it worthwhile x


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