Trust your gut

intuitionGut instinct, intuition, a hunch, a feeling, sixth sense…  Whatever you call it I think that internal voice is worth listening to when it comes to your business.  In fact it is a studied and valid technique to make fast decisions.

I’m not a person that believes in ‘mumbo-jumbo’ but I don’t think that this falls into that category.  When you get a contribution from your internal voice I think it comes from your fundamental values which is at the root of who you are.  Even if you do a proper structured assessment of something weighing up all the risks and issues, pros and cons, it’s definitely worth allowing a contribution from your gut instinct.

How many times has your internal voice said something and been proved right?  Ignore at your peril, if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right.  Equally if it feels right then what’s stopping you?

I used to be a project manager so I’m used to applying full blown risk assessment techniques and so it’s easy for me to revert to over-engineering things.  However, it can be quite a big leap to trust your gut when you have no reason behind it.  Part of this is accepting that not everything is logical and sometimes you have to take that chance and go with it.  Yes, sometimes it won’t be right but sometimes it will be!


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