A bad review

one starIf you’re anything like me you always look at reviews before buying anything.  Reviews seem to be everywhere now including on a loaf of bread (if you order your shopping online like I do!)

I’ve seen a few programmes on TV recently about fake reviews, ones that are paid for.  Whilst I’ve no doubt this does go on, I actually think the biggest danger of reviews is that different people like different things so what Ms A likes a lot, Mr B doesn’t.  Neither is right, neither is wrong, they are simply a different opinion and based on a whole stack of unrelated factors not just the product or service the review is for.

We watched Monster University a couple of weeks a go, it was ok but I won’t be raving about it.  But some people have said it’s the funniest film ever.  Maybe I was having a bad day, maybe there was a long queue for popcorn, maybe I had someone kicking my seat through out the film.  Oh yes, all these were true!

I’m someone who likes to do things really well, I’m trying hard not to use the P-word!  And I do find criticism really hard to take but I do try and think of it like a bad review, it’s just someone’s opinion and influenced by all sorts of things.  So I didn’t get 5 stars this time, hopefully I will next time!


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